Phoenix Automation and Technologies  offers a scalable range of building management , access control, networking, security and  intelligent building solutions and services. Any MDU,office or company our products and services can improve convenience,security,effectiveness and more. From individual subsystems to fully integrated intelligent buildings - we automate and streamline your enterprise while delivering world class operating and energy efficiency. 

Board Room Solutions

Collaborating has never been easier,our video conferencing systems allow up to 100 participants to view, control and collaborate on any presentation or meeting using any laptop or smartphone. Our intelligent meeting room solutions allow users to observe rooms online allowing lighting shades and AV equipment to be customized beforehand so meetings can be started on time. 

Broadcast Systems

Broadcast systems using high definition speakers allow you to make announcements, play background music or reinforce audio. These systems are integrated with smart devices, have audio filtering and can be utilized and customized for user preference. We offer smart multi room audio solutions and can be an important feature for conference rooms, lobbies, entertainments sections etc.You can easily deliver announcements to both staff and visitors with the multi-room audio system. Advertisements can be automated and displayed in designated areas depending on moments or specific occurrences. Automated locker and cafeteria systems are also available on request.

Hospitality Solutions

Allow your clients to communicate more intuitively with your enterprise. You can also unobtrusively automate the management of buildings in your space. Each component is controlled by its individual Miniserver that all can be controlled through a central or Master miniserver. The setup has endless opportunities and tailor made customizations ranging from an emergency call button in saunas to optimum temperature controls in personal refrigerators. Moreover, continuously record and monitor data such as temperature, humidity and air quality. Designated members of employees will have access to this information and the capacity to make changes as necessary.

Solar Energy

Smart energy conservation solutions put an end to elevated energy bills. The self produced energy through our solar panels lead to effective energy usage along with energy conservation as well. Solar panels are part of a completely stationery scheme and hence nothing possible can go wrong once they have been installed. Contrary to popular belief solar, panels aren't obnoxiously expensive to install and have innumerable cost saving benefits.

Fire Systems

The BMS systems we offer include fire and smoke sensors to prevent the threat or fire. Our variety of fire-fighting systems include CO2, dry and wet chemical powder and water mist extinguishers. 

When there is a fire, the fire department will be called automatically and the alarm will go off.

Wired & Wireless Solutions

Our company provides your enterprise with optimized network solutions. We create a complete network design, with  installation and implementation. This encompasses things such as data centre design and implementation, copper/fibre infrastructure, UPS, LAN/WAN, routers and switches for all your networking needs.


Residential accommodation is an investment with that is even more lucrative. Increase your unit's value and appeal, simplify the installation method, and safeguard the building against harmYou'll take experience PAAT's innovation in exercise centers, yoga rooms, relax regions and more. In any of these spaces, multi-room sound, lighting dispositions and controlled room climate can transform the environment and offer assistance make the leading conceivable involvement in ways that other MDUs can’t coordinate up to.

Alarm System

No manual intervention is required to activate thealarm system. It can be regulated automatically merely by unwanted intrusion. For instance, once the first worker enters the building in the morning using the NFC code touch, the alarm then will be automatically deactivated. If an alarm goes off, it will have a domino effect triggering all the alarms in the building. This will include activating the external alarm, flashing lights in the building, playing a loud alarm sound through the internal speakers etc. Authorized personnel will also be notified instantly via their smartphone.

AV Solutions for Offices

Our smart servers automatically evaluate data which helps in interacting with products automatically and adopt to the environment accordingly. When specific announcements need to be made the multi-room audio system can be preset to do so. All your devices can be wireless using our infrared technology which will help you get rid of unnecessary gadgets. We are experienced in the installation of versatile, modular audio visual devices enabling easy configuration of boardrooms which can be used in various different aspects and scenarios.

Security and Surveillance 

Our state of the art security systems ensure your employees are safe and your premises are secure. High definition cameras that double as microphones are equipped with night vision and facial recognition software. Using an Al, these systems tell you who is coming, how often and where. With our access control systems you can keep people from accessing certain rooms and locations or give certain people clearance.

Solar Energy

Automated Saunas

Access Control

Lighting Dispositions

Controlled Heating