A 360° solution for your Smart Home

A PAAT Smart Home simply knows what to do. It knows what to do in the morning or in the evening while you’re cooking, hosting, or just relaxing. It creates the right atmosphere with different lighting moods. It makes sure every room is always at the optimum temperature. All aspects of your home work together in harmony to ensure a level of intelligent-automation that is only possible with PAAT.


 Combine different light sources with different light intensities and colors to generate infinite opportunities for your distinctive lighting moods. For the greatest level control and creativity, each light can be handled separately.

Customized solutions

We strive to create customized solutions for every client's unique needs from automated gates, pools, sprinkler systems,sky light control, sauna, in-home theaters, furniture to coffee makers. Whatever your vision is, we make it a reality.

Climate Control

Automated HVAC systems are part of every PAAT smart home. Our systems will learn your preferred temperature and can adjust climate automatically. The PAAT smartphone app allows you to control your homes temperature, blinds, gate etc. even when you're not home. 

Multi-room Audio

Now you can move songs from one room to another, or play different songs in separate rooms so you can have an entirely distinct audio without having to use separate equipment.

With our high definition speakers you can set the mood for any occasion.

Energy Management

Each feature operates with energy efficiency in mind in a PAAT Smart Home. Monitor the energy usage of your appliances and devices, manage your solar power systems and turn off energy sucking electronics when not in use. From the PAAT smartphone app you have total control of every smart socket in your home, allowing for maximum energy conservation.


We offer a turn key solution from access control systems, infrared night cameras, electric fencing to motion tracking and facial recognition, the PAAT Smart Home keeps itself secure, notifying you of any unwanted visitors. In the case of a break in, you will be notified immediately and the authorities would be notified via the panic button.


Whether it is a family gathering or a party, our RGB lighting allows you to set the mood for you and your guests to enjoy the evening.Scrolling through the lighting moods,our lights will gently fade between them to ensure no sharp, unpleasant change is present. Moreover, whilst you're away from your home won't have an empty outlook to onlookers. That is possible as your home will mimic natural behaviour i.e. turning the lights on and off at different set intervals to deter opportunistic thieves. Your lights will turn on automatically based on presence, however your home will take into account the amount of natural light in a room and only turn on the lights if necessary. For even more impressive lighting effects, we recommend indirect lighting like LED strips along the ceiling or under the kitchen counter.


Fulfill a range of security needs with products that can perform multiple functions. Smart, self-monitored security features like our window and door motion sensor contact are staples to our security solutions. Control your security devices using your smartphone and an app or simply use voice control. Components that work together in a seamless environment and can be manipulated using customized rules and commands help achieve a safe and secure home.


Our fire detection and alarm systems can be used separately or in an embedded security system where fire detection, intrusion detection, access control, ventilation system  and video imaging are incorporated into a single scheme and you can enhance fire safety in your workplace..Moreover, smart sprinkler controller for your garden or yard is like a smart thermostat. By auto-adjusting to weather and soil conditions, it optimizes your in-ground irrigation system, making a healthy landscape easier while cutting water use. 


You can now wirelessly control everything from pumps to lighting to temperature of your pool and have it just the way you like even before you get home. Our pool automation system allows you to change the colors and lighting intensity to set the mood, control the flow of water or turn your pump on and off, monitor and adjust the salt and chlorine levels as well as ensure that the pool is ready to jump into based on your preferred temperature.


Fully tailor your access control to your needs .With our free app for your savvy gadget, you'll effectively control the get to rights to the building, oversee entrants, allot get to rights and see who is at your entryway. You’re in total control of who has get to to your building. Whether you donate access to family, friends, or representatives, you'll be able to allow diverse restrictions to each individual.